FireLine is an automatic and autonomous system that detects and extinguishes fires during the initial stages. It is designed to fight fire in confined and enclosed spaces having an elevated risk of fire. Thanks to the modular architecture and compatibility with various extinguishing agents, FireLine can be used for fire types A, B and C in small and moderate volumes of space.

How does the FireLine system work?

Approximately ten seconds from the start of a small fire source, the detection extinguishing tube bursts and releases the extinguishing agent. The fire is extinguished in about five seconds.

The FireLine system is used to extinguish fires in:

  • electrical and control cabinets, Fireline - gaszenie szaf elektrycznych
  • CNC machines, spark erosion machines and machining centres, Fireline - gaszenie szaf elektrycznych
  • service ducts,
  • servers and UPS units, Fireline - gaszenie szaf elektrycznych
  • cable conduits,
  • etc.

The FireLine system can use the following extinguishing agents:

  • carbon dioxide,
  • inert gases and mixtures thereof,
  • water solutions of foaming agents,
  • halon substitutes, e.g. FM-200, NOVEC 1230,
  • dry chemicals.

Advantages of the FireLine system:

  • the system features no electronic components and it is independent of external power sources; its simplicity and innovation ensure extreme reliability,
  • the detection tube works as a linear temperature sensor,
  • the detection tube is made of a highly advanced polymer that ensures long life (approx. 8 years), flexibility, adequate temperature sensitivity and the formation of a nozzle-like shape at the point of bursting, which is at the hottest spot,
  • instant reaction time,
  • no power source required,
  • flexible detection tube ensures freedom of installation,
  • always ready,
  • it is possible to remotely release the extinguishing agent with an electrical heat trigger,
  • the machine can be stopped by the fire extinguishing system before fighting the fire,
  • can be installed in extremely inaccessible locations,
  • requires minimal maintenance,
  • no random alarms from false detections,
  • operable in any atmosphere (marine, industrial or explosive),
  • easy and rapid installation,
  • low price and very high effectiveness.

The FireLine system is available in three configurations:

schema of automatic extinguishing system


The extinguishing agent is released by the detection tube directly onto the fire source.


The detection tube opens a valve when it detects a fire. The extinguishing agent is released via a steel tube terminated by nozzles.


The indirect system is complemented by an autonomous smoke alarm system which greatly accelerates the fire-fighting operation and improves the safety of the protected equipment.